About Us

Mehta Oil Industries is one of the fastest growing chemical industry in India. We have the best technical team for manufacturing the best quality of our products. We are using the latest technology which is used by the best chemical industries in India. We have been continuously engaged to meet the specific requirement of our various customers.

With our innovative ideas we suggest our customers to use the right product for them with the right method to use that product. If there comes any problem regarding our product then we immediately solves that problem for our customers satisfaction.

Our Company's policy is to guide our customers with the right product and to give them the best quality of our product so that they always use our products and if there comes any problem regarding our product then we are ready to face it.

Quality Policy:

Our company motto has always been timely service and right quality. Quality is the life of our business and is of prime importance to us and we are constantly improving our standards of excellence for providing better quality products and services. We never compromise on this aspect. We have a full fledged laboratory with all the necessary required equipments and a qualified person to check different parameters of Pine Oil, terpineol, dipentine, alpha pinene, beta pinene, turpentine and various other products.

We also provide testing methods to our local clients so that they can carry out the test and verify the quality. We work on the policy of minimum rejection to reduce the overhead expenses. We are proud to announce that we have been able to achieve less than 1% rejection rate for the full range of our products.